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The "Regal Spark Designer AD Pendant Set" is a statement of opulence and sophistication. This exquisite ensemble showcases a meticulously crafted pendant adorned with sparkling American Diamond (AD) stones, creating a regal and dazzling focal point. The designer touch is evident in the intricate detailing, elevating the set to a level of couture elegance. The regal spark emanating from the pendant is perfectly complemented by the matching earrings, offering a cohesive and luxurious look. Ideal for special occasions, this set is a manifestation of refined style and a testament to the wearer's discerning taste. Elevate your jewelry collection with the "Regal Spark Designer AD Pendant Set," a symbol of timeless glamour and grandeur.

AD Necklace

SKU: AX23003472
₹2 121,00Price
  • 1 Choker Necklace :: 1 Pair Of Earring

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