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The "Gleam Grace AD Pendant Set" is a captivating ensemble that effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of glamour. This set features a gracefully designed pendant adorned with dazzling AD (American Diamond) stones, imparting a radiant sparkle reminiscent of genuine diamonds. The delicate craftsmanship and intricately placed stones enhance the overall elegance of the pendant. Paired with matching earrings, this set exudes timeless charm and is perfect for elevating your style on special occasions or adding a touch of grace to your everyday look. The "Gleam Grace AD Pendant Set" is a statement of refined beauty, making it a versatile and exquisite addition to your jewelry collection.

AD Necklace Choker set | Western Jewellery Set |Gleam Grace AD Pendant Set | gif

SKU: AX23003483
  • 1 Choker Necklace :: 1 Pair Of Earring

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