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The "Western Winds Ad Charm Necklace" is a captivating and unique ensemble inspired by the rustic allure of the Wild West. This set features a key-type pendant adorned with American Diamond (AD) stones, evoking the spirit of adventurous journeys and frontier mystique. The design captures the essence of Western winds, blending rugged charm with a touch of elegance. Ideal for those who appreciate distinctive and statement pieces, this necklace seamlessly complements a Western-inspired look. The "Western Winds Ad Charm Necklace" is a symbol of individuality and the untamed beauty of the open frontier, making it a standout accessory for those with a taste for the extraordinary

AD Necklace | Western Ad Necklace Set | Ad Diamond Necklace set | Silver Necklac

SKU: AX23003662
  • 1 Choker Necklace :: 1 Pair Of Earring

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