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The "American Diamond Dewdrop Elegance Choker Set" is a stunning expression of refined beauty and sophistication. The silver-plated choker necklace features exquisite pear-shaped American diamond (cubic zirconia) accents that delicately mimic glistening dewdrops on a serene morning. The choker gracefully adorns your neckline, exuding a timeless charm that seamlessly complements both formal occasions and elegant evenings. Paired with matching earrings, this set captures the allure of nature's purity while adding a touch of sparkle and grace to your ensemble. Elevate your style with this enchanting choker set that embodies the perfect blend of elegance and subtlety

Ad Necklace set| Silver Choker Necklace set | Party wear | Jewelry gift set |Ame

SKU: AX23000520
  • 1 Choker Necklace :: 1 Pair Of Earring

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